EasyGo Shuttle Chartered Bus

The convenience of pickup and transport to and from your event, brilliant for groups, small of large. Equally suitable for concerts, sporting events, sightseeing trips, winery tours, family outings, museum trips, school excurtions and camps or any large event situation. Remove all worry and concentrate on whatever you need to make your day out unique. Shuttle bus transport is cheaper for groups than private transport, and often faster with the use of applicable bus lanes not usable by taxis or other cars.

Take advantage of our many years of experience, our professional drivers, and the air conditioned comfort we always provide. Feel the solidarity that a group travelling together can experience. Take in the sights and talk with your companions rather than the logistic situation.

Unlike a package tour charter busses provide flexability. Sometime the most memorable part of the trip is the unexpected encounter that the traveling party decides to follow up. Other times the season shows that there is a better option for this particular trip; or the travellers just happen to be in the mood for a different restaurant of event on that particular day. Keep your options open, but leave the details up to us.

Charter buses are a safe and more eco-friendly way to organize a trip, and are well suited to those with mobility problems. It is easier to keep track of members of the party when there is only a single vehicle. Avoid keeping track of multiple vehicles and feel assured that your headcount doesn’t leave anybody behind.